:: life must be lived as play - Plato ::

Tracy L.M. Kennedy teaches part-time in the Department of Communication, Popular Culture & Film at Brock University on topics such as virtual worlds, video games, digital culture and social media. As an avid cross-platform gamer, Tracy spends her work and leisure time investigating online gaming spaces.

She is a Senior Analyst at Ninja Metrics Inc. Gaming & virtual worlds have become increasingly embedded within our work & leisure activities, and there is an increasing drive (and need) to understand the behaviors of 'gamers' in virtual & physical spaces - especially in the time of 'Big Data'. With a keen interest and understanding of people's social and cultural practices, Tracy interprets player data to provide insight into game mechanics (know your system) and gamers (know your player).

Tracy is wrapping up her Postdoctoral Research at USC in the Annenberg School for Communication. She has been part of the Virtual Worlds Observatory Project, working as Project Administrator and investigating gender constructions & performances in various virtual spaces and games.

netwoman AT gmail DOT com